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Walking on Eggshells Experiment

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Activity Overview

There is great strength in arches. Kids can explore the magnificent strength that arches provide as they perform this Walking On Eggshells Experiment. Eggs are strongest on the pointed and rounded ends. Before doing this experiment, try squeezing an egg in your hand and see what happens. Then tap the egg on the side of a bowl and explore what happens. The curved shell of the egg distribute the pressure evening around the egg, whereas when you hit it on the bowl, the egg shell can not deal with uneven forces and breaks when you hit it in one spot.

Materials Needed

  • 5 dozen eggs in their cartons...or more
  • If doing this experiment inside, lay down some plastic or newspapers to protect the floor.
  • Have soap and water for washing up in case you come in contact with a broken egg.

How to Do It

  • Check the eggs thoroughly to make sure there are no fine cracks or breaks.
  • Turn all of the eggs pointy side down in the cartons. The rounded sides should be facing upward.
  • Lay out your protective covering and place the egg cartons on top of it...all lined up next to each other.
  • Take off your shoes and socks and step onto the eggs evenly. You make need help from an adult or friend for the first step.
  • Make sure your foot is as flat as possible and start walking. If your are walking evenly, with your feet flat, then you should be able to walk across the eggs without breaking them.

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