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Washable Window Paint

Indoor $

Activity Overview

Sometimes the best ideas are discovered by accident. This was definitely the case with how we discovered the idea of Washable Window Paint. The older kids were doing a painting project and our toddler surprised us all when he grabbed a brush and started painting on the window and he was enjoying himself immensely.

While the paint washed off pretty easily, I thought we could try adding some liquid dish soap to the paint to make cleanup even more of a snap. It worked out nicely and now painting the window with washable paint has become one of our favorite rainy day activities. I love that the kids can get a first hand look at the qualities of a stormy day while safely creating art.

Materials Needed

  • Washable tempura paint
  • Liquid Dish soap
  • Drop cloth
  • Paint brushes
  • Painter's tape if desired

How to Make and Play

  1. Squirt some liquid dish soap into some washable tempura paints and stir well. I used a 3 to 1 ratio of paint to soap. Stir well.
  2. I lined the edge of my window near the frame with painter's tape so that the tape would stay on the window only. You may also want to use an old sheet on the floor in front of the window to catch drips.
  3. Give the kids a paintbrush and let them paint their own masterpiece.

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