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Water Feature at PPG Place

Outdoor Free
Healthy/Active, Touristy
PPG Place, , United States, Pittsburgh, PA

Activity Overview

If PPG Place is the jewel in downtown Pittsburgh's impressive skyline then the water feature in its Plaza is where that jewel sparkles brightest. This masterfully designed fountain uses 140 water jets and 280 underground lights to create beautiful displays. It is also popular with kids who love running through its jets which make it an ideal family destination in the downtown area.

Things to Do

  • During the summer it is not unusual to see kids and adults running through the water shooting up from the feature. The jets randomly change the height they reach to keep you guessing. It usually operates from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. though bear in mind that it may be turned off at different times during the day with the surrounding businesses in mind.
  • In the winter PPG Place opens up an ice skating rink which sits on top of the water fountain. The rink was opened for the first time in 2010 and with an area larger than that of the famous rink outside the Rockefeller Center in New York it quickly became a favorite with residents of the city.

Water Feature at PPG Place Insider Tips

  • Though this is undoubtedly a fun place to bring kids there are quite a few rules you should be aware of before arriving. First of all you cannot wear a bathing suit or bring a towel so wear clothes which you don't mind getting wet. There is no public restroom nearby either so it should be a hot day when you go so that you don't catch a cold. No one can take their shirt off and you cannot take your shoes off either, so bring sandals! Running and sunbathing are also out of the question. Bear in mind that security is tight and they don't mess around; they certainly don't have a problem throwing people out if they feel they need to!
  • If you are looking for food in the area during the fairer months of the year PPG Place open up a food court at Two PPG Place.

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