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Wave Hill

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Public Gardens, Gardens, School Trip, Cultural, Green
West 249th Street, , NY
URL: Wave Hill  Phone: 718-549-3200

Activity Overview

Wave Hill is a 28-acre public garden and cultural center located in the Bronx. This beautiful nature attraction overlooking the Hudson River contains numerous gardens and focuses on teaching visitors of all ages about the environment through the use of hands-on programs. It's a great place to take the family for a quiet day surrounded by nature, where you can stroll around the gardens and enjoy a picnic together.

Things to Do

  • Visit the Flower Garden throughout the year to see how it changes from season to season - in the summertime you can see African lilies and bright purple flowers called Siberian Flags, while in the autumn you'll see bright red dahlias and multiple varieties of sage.
  • Enjoy spectacular views of the Hudson River from the Kerlin Overlook.
  • Explore the Herb and Dry Gardens to learn all about its extremely useful plants - they even have descriptive labels that tell you what they're used for, from cooking to making clothing.
  • Don't miss the Conservatory, where you can see desert-dwelling plants like cacti, as well as palm trees, ferns, and plants with great names like Mangles' Kangaroo Paw, which actually looks like a brightly-colored kangaroo paw!

Wave Hill Insider Tips

  • Take advantage of the Target Free Days program and visit Wave Hill for free on Tuesdays and Saturdays between 9:00 a.m. and noon.
  • Save money by parking offsite - it's free instead of the $8 per vehicle charged for onsite parking, plus Wave Hill offers a complimentary shuttle service! View the shuttle schedule here.
  • Instead of buying food from the cafe, bring along a picnic - just make sure to use their designated picnic area near the Glyndor Gallery, since food isn't permitted elsewhere in the gardens.

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