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Whirlyball Atlanta

Activity Overview

Whirlyball is a unique team sport and fun group activity in which the participants play kind of basketball while riding bumper cars, known as whirlybug. Whirlyball Atlanta is a cool place to spend a fun evening with family or friends. Whirlyball is a team sport and known as "the world's only totally mechanized team sport", the venue also offers fun birthday party packages for children. Whirlyball Atlanta is located in Roswell, GA, walk in today for a fun and unique team sport. Whirlyball Atlanta is open seven days a week.

Things to Do

  • Whirlyball is popularly know as a team sport but it is a fun group activity, it can be used for team building and as a fun family-oriented activity.
  • The sport is played while riding cars resembling bumper cars but are far more superior, the cars are fast and easy to maneuver.
  • The court has 10 cars at a time, the players toss around a whiffle ball with the help of a plastic scoop and score is made by hitting the ball to a hole shape in a backboard.
  • The game is overseen by a referee who tracks score of both the teams, you have to follow some set rules, players must be over 11 years old.
  • Birthday parties are suitable for kids in the age group 11 to 15 years, parties are celebrated in the party room and include 1 hour of court time.
  • Now you can also enjoy a game of laser tag with your friends.

Whirlyball Atlanta Insider Tips

  • Reservations are required for groups.
  • All players have to sign a waiver.

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