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5700 King St, Shawnee, KS
URL: Wonderscope  Phone: 913-287-8888

Activity Overview

Learn, play, and grow at the Wonderscope Children's Museum in Kansas City. With hands-on exhibits, Wonderscope inspires children to use their imaginations when learning about art and science. There are different spaces for children of all ages, including rooms and exhibits specifically geared toward the younger groups in order to give preschoolers a chance to learn and play at their own pace. Young kids can explore the baby nursery and veterinary science exhibit, while older children can enjoy the hands-on Tinkerspace and Raceway.

Wonderscope is also a great place for birthday parties and school field trips. With tons of after hours events and shows, including a Wonderscope on Wheels program that takes some of their traveling exhibits through the metro area of Kansas city, you and your children will be able to keep learning fun any day of the week. Advanced registration is required for large group tours, so book online so you don't miss out!

Things to Do

  • LEGO Ocean Adventure: This 1200-square foot imaginative underwater environment is made entirely of Lego blocks; learn what it's like to work under the water while building and experimenting with Legos.
  • Raceway: Different games in this exhibit will teach children about speed, gravity, energy, and motion, including a Ski Jump, Loop the Loop, and Rollercoaster.
  • H2Oh!: Get ready to get wet as you discover which items sink and which ones float; Play around with the properties of water and navigate boats and rubber ducks through tunnels and tubes
  • Farm to Market: Learn how grocery stores get food from local farms by playing in this display; children will be able to power their own hay bale conveyor belt, take care of farm animals, and collect veggies from the garden.
  • Animal Chat: Every Saturday afternoon from 12-12:30, children can join a museum staff member at feeding time. They will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the animals.
  • Story Time: Every Friday from 11AM-2PM, get together in the Artworks room where the group will read a children's book together and then make a corresponding art project.

Wonderscope Insider Tips

  • The museum is closed to the public on Mondays, but is still open for large group tours. If you have a field trip with 50+ students, aim to visit the Museum on Monday in order to take advantage of having the exhibits to yourself.

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