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Wren's Nest

Indoor $
History Museums, School Trip, Educational, Cultural, Historical
1050 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd, Atlanta, GA
URL: Wren's Nest  Phone: 404-753-7735

Activity Overview

The Wren's Nest is the former home of Joel Chandler Harris. Harris lived here from 1881 to 1908 and wrote many of the famous Brer Rabbit tales within the confines of the Victorian House or out on the porch. These tales were extremely popular at the time and helped to strengthen the African American folkloric tradition. Current fans of Harris' tales or those with an historical interest in period are welcome to come and tour the house and learn more about these short stories. The Wren's Nest was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1962.

Things to Do

  • The House Museum itself is very interesting even if you don't have a knowledge of Harris' work. It is one of the few remaining Queen Anne Victorian houses in Atlanta.
  • The Wren's Nest finished a costly conservation project back in 2009 so that now the house stands as a beautifully conserved example of how the upper middle class lived at the time. The Museum even includes Harris' bedroom which has remained exactly intact since his death in 1908.
  • There is a special tour with storytelling that takes place every Saturday at 1 pm. You can lead your own self-guided tour around the house at any point during its opening hours.

Wren's Nest Insider Tips

  • Regular literary events related to the stories, music festivals and other events take place at the Wren's Nest. There are also programs that are set up especially to encourage the creative writing faculties of young writers.
  • The Wren's Nest is closed on Mondays and Sundays.
  • You can take a virtual tour of the house online.

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