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Yarn Ball Story Weaving

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Activity Overview

Yarn Ball Story Weaving is a fun and relaxing way to get those imaginations flowing in a unique game format. This game is great for all age groups and can be played by two or more players. I think the more tight knit players that you have, the better and more rich and diverse the stories that come out of the game can be. This is a great way to develop language and creative thinking skills.

When you reach a knot, you must stop exactly where you are, even if you are in the middle of a word. It is always fun to see the twists and turns that a story can make when there are more than one brain at work.

Materials Needed

  • A ball of yarn
  • At least two players

How to Play

  1. Unravel a ball of yarn.
  2. Players should have fun tying random knots along the length of yarn, varying the distances between each knot.
  3. Roll the ball of yarn back up into a ball ignoring the knots.
  4. One player begin the game by holding the ball of yarn in their hand and closing their eyes.
  5. This player should slowly start pulling the yarn from the ball and pulling that yarn carefully through their fingers so that they have a good feel for it.
  6. As this person pulls the string, they should start telling a story.
  7. When the player feels a knot in the yarn, they should pass the yarn ball to the next player and stop speaking.
  8. At this point the next player continues pulling the yarn and adding to the story that was started by the player before him or her. The second player continues the story telling until he or she discovered another knot. Then it is passed again.
  9. Continue passing the ball of yarn, unraveling, and adding to the story until the yarn ball is completely unravelled.

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