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Zentangle Art

Indoor Free
Art Projects

Activity Overview

Relax and enter the world of artful meditation with Zentangle Art. Let your mind free and use freehand to create a visual masterpiece that is ever so calming to create. In Zentangle there are no rules except that each shape needs to be filled up and you should not not attempt to erase mistakes in a Zentangle, which is part of the reason that Zentangles are created in pen.

Before getting started, your mind should be free of any plans for your drawing. You freely create your deliberate lines and swirls on the page in an unexpected manner and watch the artwork unfold before your eyes.

Materials Needed

  • Plain white unlined paper
  • Pencil
  • Black Marker
  • Other colored markers

How to Make It

  1. Draw a freehand square border on a piece of plain white paper. It does not have to be perfectly straight.
  2. Trace the pencil border with a marker black marker.
  3. Create a "tangle". Tangles should be composed of very simple shapes such as a line, a dot, a circle, a squiggly line, an oval, or cone and more. You can make a shape and then add shapes or squiggles within those shapes.
  4. Create your Zentangle freely and purposefully, using fluid but impactful strokes with your pen.

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