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Zero Gravity Thrill Park

Outdoor $$$
Birthday Parties, Offbeat, Adventurous, Touristy
11131 Malibu Dr, Dallas, TX
URL: Zero Gravity Thrill Park  Phone: 972-484-8359

Activity Overview

Zero Gravity Thrill Park in Dallas, TX is not only one of the funnest places to visit in Texas but it's the only place where you can experience a 16-story free fall as an entire family. There are 5 different rides to choose from, each one as intense as the last, and pricing is based on how many thrills you want to experience.

Zero Gravity takes safety very seriously, and they require each visitor to read and sign a release form. They have a had a flawless safety record since they're opening back in 1992, and they take every safety precaution necessary on each of their rides, including the bungee jump, the free fall experience, and the skycoaster. They have a few height and weight restrictions for each ride, so plan accordingly if you have younger ones in your group.

Things to Do

  • Bungee Jump - Bungee Jump your way into the heart of the Metroplex from a 7-story tower made specifically for bungee jumping; must be at least 10 years old to jump
  • Sky Coaster - Harness up to 3 family members into the ride and hold your breath as the cable carries you 110 feet into the air and drops you at 60mph. You're responsible for pulling your own ripcord, so you won't fly until everyone's ready; must be at least 42" tall
  • Nothin' But Net - The infamous 16-story free fall experience that sends you falling into two double-netted safety nets, just like the ones used by trapeze artists; must be at least 10 years old to jump
  • Sky Scraper - Up to 4 family members can ride the Sky Scraper, a 165-foot high propeller that windmills you around at about 60mph, ending with a slow and fantastic view of the Dallas skyline from high up in the air; must be 52" tall to ride
  • Blastoff - Strap into a real racing seat and hold on tight for this giant human slingshot of a thrill ride; must be 42" to ride

Zero Gravity Insider Tips

  • Nothin' But Net ride will be closed until Nov 1, 2014 for upgrades.
  • The Sky Scraper is currently being used by the Texas State Fair, where you can ride it for $25. It will return to Zero Gravity on Oct 24, 2014.
  • Rides can be closed for routine maintenance, so call ahead to make sure your favorite ride is operating on the day of your visit.

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