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Ziplock Baggie Doodle Pad

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Activity Overview

Create your own Ziplock Baggie Doodle Pad with only a few short steps. Little ones will enjoy learning their shapes, letters, and number or simply drawing with their finger or other soft ended tool. When you want to draw something else, simply wipe your hand over the bag and the paint will fill in behind it.

This activity is great for fine motor skill development and writing practice.

Materials Needed

  • 1 large ziplock bag
  • Tempura or poster paint
  • Duck Tape
  • Cork, Q-tip or finger

How to Make It

  1. Open up your large Ziplock bag and pour 1 or 2 cups of paint into the bag.
  2. Seal the bag with the Ziplock.
  3. To ensure that the bag of paint is secure, tape the openable end with Duck Tape.
  4. Either tape to a window or use on a flat surface.
  5. Use your finger, a Q-tip, or a cork ( works best) to draw on the bag of paint. The paint will move to the sides from the pressure that is exerted on the bag and you will see shapes, letters and other simple drawings.

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