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Zoo Atlanta

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800 Cherokee Ave SE, Atlanta, GA
URL: Zoo Atlanta  Phone: 404-624-5600

Activity Overview

Zoo Atlanta was established at the end of the 19th century, exactly in 1889 after George V. Press a businessman donated animals to Atlanta city; the Atlanta administrators then, decided to collectively domesticate the animals. The Atlanta zoo is one of the largest and most impressive in the country.

Zoo Atlanta hosts a variety of the big and wide collection of animals like giant Pandas, Yang Yang, Lun Lun, Gazelles, Lions, Jaguar, Hyena, Black bear, Monkeys, elephants and many other animals. The Zoo boasts a big number of reptiles and amphibians, which cover more than 100 different species. This special institution also houses different trees and pet animals like Saanen goats, southdown sheep, Oberhasli goats, Nigerian dwarf goats and Kunekune pigs.

Things to Do and See

  • Get the chance to see the great twin Panda’s; the white and black critters gives all reasons for visiting the Zoo Atlanta.
  • The diverse unlimited species of wild and pet animals in the Zoo creates an accolade for honoring the Zoo with a special visit.
  • The Guatemalan lizards are only found in Zoo Atlanta, wonderful and admirable creatures.
  • Visiting Zoo Atlanta offers the opportunity to see collection of orangutans, which are only found in the zoo.
  • The Zoo houses one of the most explicit herpetology collections.

Zoo Atlanta Insider tips

  • Get to know the biggest problem facing the diminishing wildlife from the Traders Alley.
  • Have the exposure of feeding the parakeets; this is one of the most fascinating things to do at the Boundless budgies in the Zoo.
  • Navigate the springs and see the rhinos, zebras and warthogs in a scintillating African Savannah nature.

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