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Just came across this article about convering your iPhone into a baby monitor. Totally crazy idea, but pretty ingenuous I think. We've tried doing this with cell phones before but this seems infinitely better
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I am not a person who is that into technology, but I do love a good deal.  And the truth is, sometimes you need electronic gizmos and gadgets so you might as well get them for less.  Woot is a great website
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My twins wanted an iPod, but at age 10 we didn't think they would take good enough care of it to spend all that money. My husband found them the Sansa Shaker, and thought it was cute and easy to use, and affordable
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Have you gotten a GPS system yet? I didn't want to spend the money (as usual!) but my hsuband got us a Garmin anyway, and now I don't know how I lived without it. I LOVE it! I feel safe and secure going
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I used the itty bitty booklight for a while, but the battery pack was clunky and the bulb seemed to get hot.  Then I found the LightWedge booklight.  This booklight uses LED lights to illuminate
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In the market for a digital camera?  Read through this guide on how to select a digital camera.  It profiles different types of users ranging from Snapshooter to Business User to Budget buyer, and more
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