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Playing games outside is so vitally important for kids.  So much goes on when playing group games like this one.  We love this game of tag because it's a cross between red rover and tag and it's a lot
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For Toy Story or even Buzz Lightyear fans, This toy is a must. My boys  love Toy Story movies, books toys and even the Buzz Lightyear cartoon. They have the Buzz clock, the Buzz and Woody action figures, a
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When you plan your family reunion, consider planning a few musical games and activities. “Musical Chairs” is a fun game if someone doesn’t have to go to the emergency room.  I’ve
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Are your kids driving you crazy because they are bored?  Here are some tricks to keep up your sleeve for days that call for a little extra fun and something new! Create a Boredom Box: Have your kids sit
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This is a BBC site where they have been conducting an experiment to find out whether brain training actually works. This particular study showed no evidence that brain training exercises transferred to other brain
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Imaginetoys is a great place to find just about any kind of toy you're looking for. They've set up the site so that you can search by category, such as creative & pretend, art & music, science &
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If you and/or your kids enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles, here's a great free online site that offers an extensive gallery of images for all levels. You just pick the topic or image that you like, then select the
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Zoo Map:  Supplies: large piece of paper; markers or crayons; pictures of animals (see above variations!); gluestick.  Activity: Have your child decide how to sort the animals--by habitat, by color, by
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Cartoon characters are everywhere, from underwear packages and cereal boxes to greeting cards and magazine ads. Save these images and put them to good use!  Supplies: character image; popsicle stick; paperboard
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Make a game out of learning what stop means. Use this visual to play Red Light, Green Light. Supplies: 2 paper plates, a flat stick such as a paint stirrer, red and green construction paper. How-to: Cut out one
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