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Are you looking for the perfect love song for your up-coming nuptials or anniversary party?  This a list of the top ten love songs compiled among numerous music and wedding sites.  These songs are referred
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Plank Road Publishing has just released their newest free children's song entitled, "Peaceful".  It's a beautiful song and is just another in their long list of amazing
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I have a favorite family reunion song- it’s upbeat and fun and you feel good when you listen to it and even better when you sing it.  It’s a little known song, you haven’t heard
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Tis that time of year when Amazon reveals a new free downloable Christmas or holiday song for a total of 25 songs, until December 25. Even if you miss one day, you can still download the next day. Classic favorites
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With the popularity of Rock Band and Guitar Hero games, why not make a it a party! This theme is perfect for Graduation Parties, Kids Camp, Church Youth Groups, Sleepovers and Birthday Parties. It's also great
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Have you ever thought of a song and wished you could listen to it right there and then?  This free and easy site allows you to listen to any song online.   Type in the name of the song and
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Looking for a CD that you and your teen will want to play over and over again?  If you like contemporary Christian music, then this is for you! Their CD says, "Brothers, Gram and Ben Messer, the
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If you want to learn to play the guitar, but can't afford lessons - or just want some additional help - visit this website for some great easy to understand beginner guitar lessons.  It starts by teaching
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Blog Sisters are selling popular music CDs from the good ole' days for only $5.00-no taxes, no shipping fees. They only have one of each-so it's first come, first serve. Do you still sing along
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Tis the season for holiday music, food and cheer.  Blog Sisters once again found a site that offers free Christmas music downloadable onto mp3. You get to download one song a day for the month of December
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