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This may come as a big surprise to you, since the government seems to regulate about everything - however, they don't regulate the personal health care industry at all.  What that means us, consumers
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If you have kids, you are probably part of a club that you never signed up for...the stretch mark club! I know I'm a card carrying member and no matter what I do, I can't seem to relinquish my membership
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We all know that babies have sensitive skin and that it must be protected from the sun. However, our skin also has the amazing ability to absorb anything that we put on it. Unfortunately, some ingredients in traditional
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Here is a list of some creative ways to avoid the winter blues, as winter seems to drag on and on and on in this part of the world. For example, " Fall in love with tuna fish sandwiches all over again. The
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I'm not one to raise alarm about little things - but it is a fact that the personal care industry is not regulated by any agency. What that means is that manufacturers can put anything they want into shampoo
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Did you know that just one or two sunburns as a child causes a huge increase in the possibility of developing skin cancer later in life?  Of course, anyone who lives in a climate that is gray and cloudy for
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To many kids, brushing their teeth seems an awful lot like a chore. Since kids, at least my kids, don't like chores - getting them to brush their teeth can sometimes be a bit of a chore....for me! Here are
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At a routine trip to my dentist, I found out that we don't have fluoride in our drinking water in Hawaii. Strangely enough, with all our moving across the ocean and whatnot, whether or not my kids were getting
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Most parents are extremely picky about what they put on their baby's skin, as they should be! Natural baby lotion, those that use natural ingredients and provide full-dislosure on everything that's in their
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My kids love bubble baths, the problem is that one of them is prone to bladder infections and her frequent bubble bath habit was causing serious problems and lots of trips to her pediatrician.  Thankfully
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