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Science Experiments

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Create a beautiful crystalized snowflake with this fun and easy science experiment! Budding scientists will enjoy learning about crystal formation and be the marvel of their audience when they perform it. You
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Create a geyser in your own backyard and amaze yourself, your family and friends with this hands on Science experiment. Diet Coke is loaded with carbon dioxide that is just begging to be released. Dropping something
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Learn how to make a lava lamp with this fun science experiment for budding scientists of all ages. In this experiment, you will use materials that you more than likely have on hand at home right now to create
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Add a bit of a science lesson to a traditional dessert treat tonight. Kids of all will enjoy this mess free, fun and easy way to make your own Ice Cream in a Baggie. Investigate the science of changing states
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The glasses in this neat experiment make musical tones because of the vibrations made on the glass by your moving finger. The sounds that you hear depends both on the size and shape of the glass as well as the
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Magic and science are quite often intertwined. This is evident in the Taming of the Straw experiment. This is an easy experiment for kids to perform using objects readily available at home and focuses on the properties
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Kids of all ages will enjoy the fun invisible force called air pressure that can make a soda can jump from one mug into the other! Young scientists and their observers will not want to miss this fun hands on experiment
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Make a colorful milk mixture as you explore the concept of surface tension in this Magic Milk Experiment. The liquid soap breaks the surface tension and the milk molecules move apart. The molecules of the milk
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Families can explore density in this colorful Catch the Rainbow Science Experiment. Kid scientists of all ages will marvel at the rainbow that is captured in the straw. One might expect that the colors of the
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There is great strength in arches. Kids can explore the magnificent strength that arches provide as they perform this Walking On Eggshells Experiment. Eggs are strongest on the pointed and rounded ends. Before
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