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Science Experiments

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Whether it is a homemade gift for a friend or family member, a soothing bath, or an experiment in science that you are after, concocting your very own Fizzing Bath Bombs will satisfy your needs. Once the kids
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The experiment of the Floating Ms examines solubility. Scientists of all ages in your family will find intrigue in this simple science experiment that uses candies that we often pop into our mouths without giving
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Kids of all ages will enjoy this fun science experiment which involves a challenge and a dash of magic. The Coin Tower Experiment will have young magicians and scientists overcoming friction and challenging Newton's
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You may have heard of a snake charmer, but how about trying your hand at becoming a toothpick charmer? Young scientists and magicians alike will enjoy this experiment about vibration and sound waves. Watch your
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Astonish your family and your friends with this Leak Proof Bag of Water Experiment. Audiences will stand in amazement as you poke pencils straight through plastic bags and nothing leaks out! This is an easy science
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This activity is a fun and simple one for kids and requires very little to execute. Grab a straw and some scissors and a whole lot of air power from your lungs and try making your very own duck caller. Experiment
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Kid scientists of all ages will have fun practicing Newton's Second and Third Laws of motion with this tactical and engaging Balloon Rocket Blaster Experiment. This is an experiment which will keep children entertained
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Playing with a bouncy ball is a pastime that never gets boring and never disappoints. The budding scientists in your family will enjoy this fantastic experiment about polymers while making their very own bouncy
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Explore the magic of science by performing the Egg In the bottle Experiment in this easy at home experiment. Scientists of all ages will enjoy wowing their friends and family with this mind boggling feat of pure
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Share the nostalgic treat of rock candy with your family with this easy at home science experiment that yields a sweet treat at its conclusion. This experiment will produce a delicious stick of white rock candy
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