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Science Experiments

Create a whirling vortex of water as you explore this tornado in a bottle experiment You can easily create and investigate the science of tornadoes with easy to find items such as dish washing liquid, water, glitter
Satisfy your sweet tooth with this fun end delicious food science experiment which explores states of matter. Chocolate is made up of many small particles, which remain in a solid state at room temperature. As
Enjoy a slushy fruit drink in any kind of weather. With a little time and patience you can transform a simple glass of juice into a fun slushy treat with this fun food science experiment. In this experiment
Have fun restoring old pennies into newer looking ones with the Shiny Penny Experiment. This experiment is great for all ages as they explore the science of chemical reactions with very quick an gratifying results
This food science experiment is a simple and child friendly way of creating your own butter. Set the kids up with this activity while you are making dinner and the family will delight that they were able to contribute
If you puncture a balloon, it is certain to pop, right? Well, the with Unpoppable Balloon Experiment, kids can test that theory and challenge your notions about such hypotheses. Budding scientists of all ages
Experience a little bit of Science on your next snow day with The Volcano of Snow Experiment. Make sure that you have plenty of baking soda and vinegar which are the showcase ingredients in this chemical reaction
Be your own secret agent and write secret messages for others to read with homemade Invisible Ink. You can actually use a lemon to write secret messages! The juice of the lemon fruit contains carbon compounds
Have you ever wondered why the dentist and parents advise you to brush your teeth after meals and to avoid sugary or highly acidic foods? Well, here is a great science experiment to exemplify exactly why these
It is amazing that by simply weaving craft sticks, you can set off a chain reaction that is simply thrilling to watch. In this fun and challenging experiment, each craft stick that you lay is bent over the stick
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