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Science Experiments

Make a never ending continuous strip of paper. A loop with a single twist in it is called a mobius strip. The Mobius Strip is an actual mathematical phenomenon. School aged children will have great fun trying
Unlock the mystery of the floating egg with this fun and easy Science experiment. Magic and Science really go hand in hand in this Fascinating Floating Egg experiment that can be performed by all ages with a few
Watch as Magic and Science intertwine in this cool experiment where water walks down a string. This experiment will wow scientists and onlookers alike as water that is poured from the spout of a pitcher attaches
Alter the surface tension of water, so that you can make a metal paperclip float. This easily performed science experiment has astounding results that will have children of all ages actively engaged in exploring
Watch in amazement at what happens when you put a bar of Ivory Soap in the microwave oven. Scientific minds of all ages will enjoy this astounding transformation that occurs right before their eyes. This experiment
In this experiment you will be able to watch the fluid absorb into the paper towel, travel up through the paper towel and eventually cause the water from the top cup to complete empty into the bottom cup. Paper
Spark the interest of young scientists of all ages in this quick and easy Fireworks display in a bottle experiment. In in this experiment on density you will observe bursts of color spreading through the water
Create your own rainbow today with this super easy science experiment that you can perform with items that you have on hand at home on any sunny day. Scientific minds of all ages will love to watch as sunlight
Fill your kitchen with oohs and aahs and all of the excitement of childhood with this fun and energizing vinegar and baking soda science experiment. Children of all ages will enjoy creating fizzing displays of
Spark an interest in Science by making your own version of lightning. Lightning is created when tiny positively charged sparks reach up in response to negatively charges in the air or clouds above the ground
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