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Mario Kart for Wii is a great multiplayer racing game for both boys and girls. The multiplayer feature is best for me since all three of my kids can play together at the same time. Variable difficulty levels make
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My son who is the non reader is also not the best math whiz either.  How do I get him to know the basic math facts.  In the olden days we would write out the math facts one by one now technology is
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Samsung Moment Smartphone I’ve owned a Samsung Smartphone by Sprint for nearly 2 years. I totally love the phone’s capabilities. I can manage documents, third party emails from varying accounts
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If you are frugal mom like me then you love to go to Yard sales however planning out which direction to start off in can be tough.  Yard Sale Treasure Map is a free tool.  Just plug in your ZIP code, driving
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 In the wake of the April hacking of Sony’s client information database, there’s been a swirl of online security interest and activity. One of the biggest issues taken away from the Sony debacle
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Are you overpaying for your cell phone?  According to the site,, 80% of us are!  To find the best cell plan to meet your family's need, this site offers free a wireless phone plan comparison
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I  am a mother to  3 boys . As you can imagine I spend a lot of time at appointments for doctors, dentists and specialists (my youngest son  is autistic) .or even in the car.  If you have kids
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Do you keep receiving phone calls from a number that is unknown to you?  Here is a really neat website that gives lots of information for looking-up somebody's phone number and finding out who it is
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If you are looking to get into shape but don't want to deal with the boring treadmill or going out to the gym, you need to check out the newest dance workouts that you can use on the Wii console. Just Dance
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I love playing social networking games on Facebook.  Farmville, Frontierville and Cafe World all tend to get me fixated on my computer screen for hours a day. Although nothing even compares to the game that
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