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Digital with your event gifts a world of opportunities in the current "Covid19" climate. No matter where you are on earth, your team is, trusting the Pingpong moments of so that people become an experience of engaging
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Hosting a virtual event can be a challenging prospect for the unfamiliar, but it's quickly become the norm due to the global pandemic. That makes it an important skill for eventprofs to master. Virtual engagement
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Are you looking for Outdoor Movie Screen Rentals in Southern California? Mega Outdoor Movies can help make your next event in Los Angeles is surely memorable and unique with our enormous selection of outdoor
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Much to the chagrin of one of my best friends, her sweet little 3 year old girl has turned out to be princess obsessed.  For the past two weeks, I haven’t seen our little friend in anything but Cinderella’s
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I am sure you have heard of some websites for discount tickets? And they are great if you want to do something different with your kids on summer breaks or during the holidays. Taking your kids to a Broadway show
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If The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is being produced at a theater near you, go! My eleven year old and I went, and we loved it. I've been going to the theater since I was a tot, and I've never
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If a young girl you know likes American Girl dolls and books, check this website to see if there is an American Girl Fashion Show near you. (The Boston American Girl Tea Party & Fashion Show was just announced
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Here's a holiday travel tip for the entire family to enjoy. Experience New York City's glitz and energy in the less crowded regions of Lancaster, Pennsylvania; and pay a lighter price tag than you would
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This tip is geared toward Educators and Non-profit groups who work with teens. The Disney Channel and the NAMM Foundation have teamed up to help fund school theatre productions of "High School Musical". 
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My (almost) two year old and myself have seen them a few times this summer and we really enjoy them...they are The Toe Jam Puppet Band!  They are a dedicated kids' music group (just reading their tour schedule
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