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Here's a fun Valentines Day idea to surprise and delight your kids this year.  I've been doing fun stuff on Valentines Day for a few years just to remind my kids how special they are to me and how
Save to My List   Parenting
Frugal Living During the Cold/Flu Season!! Swine Flu / Flu season does not have to scare or worry you, but you should be prepared and aware of its potential. It could very well affect your family and loved ones!!
Save to My List   Zoos & Aquariums
I love going to the Aquarium in Boston and now I can check in with the fishies anytime with the kids by checking in on the web cam at the Boston Aquarium.
Save to My List   Arts & Crafts
This website has free craft instructions, patterns, ideas, hints and tips. There are holiday craft projects and everyday projects. There are easier and intermediate projects, including sewing projects. Check it
Save to My List   Home & Garden
There are lots of great ways that you can use aluminum foil...far beyond just using it to cover food.  Here's just a few cool ways that you can use aluminum foil around your house.  ~ Have you ever
Save to My List   Parenting
I subscribed to women's magazines for years and years, just like my mother used to. Family Circle, Redbook, Woman's Day, and so on are fun to read, and occassionally informative, although they do run the
Save to My List   Health & Safety
The Boston Globe has a story that mentions safe ways to dispose of broken compact fluorescent light bulbs to reduce your exposure to mercury.  Here is an excerpt: "If a bulb breaks, get children and
Save to My List   Food & Dining Resources
I always end up making recipes that call for 1 tablespoon of tomato paste.  Even when you buy a small can, that leaves you with a lot extra. I just scoop the rest into an ice cube tray and freeze it. 
Save to My List   Gift Ideas
Oompa Toys is very appealing if you're looking for a unique gift for babies or young children.  In addition to carrying several toys, dolls and games made in the USA and Europe
Save to My List   Home & Garden
This website has an awesome 20 question quiz about the current issues in America. Then it scores you, and compares your score with each of the presidential candidates, so you can see who you should vote for. It
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