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As I try to become more "green" and eco friendly, I'm making the choice to only buy eco friendly toys for my kids. This hasn't always gone over very well since I've started saying no to things
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Have you ever had to buy a present for a baby at the last minute when money is tight and then felt stuck? Or maybe you have a baby of your own and you want to buy them high quality, educational toys but don't
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Hopefully I'm not the only parent that remembers pogo sticks. I used to spend hours on mine in the summertime - hopping all over the neighborhood. I think my pogo stick got left behind on one of my family's
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I was looking for a baby rattle recently to add to a gift for a baby shower that I was going to and came across this list of wooden baby rattles.  I was excited to see that baby rattles are available in
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As you prepare for summer, you may be interested in looking for the best outdoor toys for your kids. I love spending time outside wtih my kids in the summer time - we love to get out in the fresh air and sunshine
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Perfect for kids that are homeschooled, love science or butterflies, or just like to do hands-on activities, the butterfly house is a great choice! My kids are constantly chasing buterflies around outside in
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If you have a child that enjoys science or likes learning about insects, the Gel Ant Farm by Fascinations is a great (and cheap) product.  They've taken the traditional ant farm to the next level by
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I've recently fallen in love with Haba wooden toys. Haba is a German company that's been around for a really long time - since 1938 to be exact.  They've been specializing in wooden toys since
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With three kids, we've gone through lots and lots of toys. Each of my kids had at least one baby activity table - some I thought were great and others seemed like a total waste of money. My very favorite
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I've been a big fan of Melissa and Doug toys for some time now, but my kids are eight and five, so I haven't ever had much reason to purchase their baby learning toys...until my best friend did my a big
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