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Sassy Bibs make fun gifts, that are both conversational and incredibly functional. Each baby bib is made of white 100% soft Cotton Terrycloth with colored binding (choice of red, burgundy, navy blue, green, orange
Do you have a new baby on the way and aren't sure what you will need?  Here is a checklist that will help you plan for the new bundle of joy!  Note: You may not want or need all of these items.  
These handmade wipes containers are perfect for any mom with a kid in diapers and beyond. (They can be used for pencils, crayons, etc. once your child is out of diapers). They come filled with wipes and then
While taking apart a no-drip sippy cup that included a straw, I happened to look into the hole where the straw fit.  I was amazed at the black gunk-mildew that had formed there!  I also noticed mildew
I just saw this awesome product on TV: a washable slipcover for your portable playpen.  I wish we had this when my kids were little! It is available at Target and other retailers. It comes in many colors, and
They're much more eco-friendly than bottled water, they're cute, they come in all sizes and they're sturdy.  What's not to love about our Sigg bottles?   Well, it turns out
Wonder Bumpers are a very safe alternative to a traditional bumper and are completely different from breathable bumpers. This vertical padding is tightly wrapped, then zipped around each crib rail, creating a
First things first... virtual first aid kits do you no good. Believe me, I'm first in line for parents who want to put together a gorgeously organized first aid kit, but only have a Ziploc bag with just a thermometer
The 17th American Baby and Family Expo will be in Boston at the Seaport World Trade Center   this weekend.  This trade show will include over 100 major retailers in the baby and family
If you are on the market for a crib mattress, seriously consider purchasing a natural crib mattress or an organic crib mattress.  The cover of a mattress is typically made from cotton.  More pesticides
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