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If you happen to live anywhere near (or will be visiting) Fairfield, California, you will want to stop by the Jelly Bean Factory for their free tour.  Our family visited and had a blast. If you can't make
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It's not easy these days to have fun at a low price. There are a few stores that are havens for unique items that will create an exciting picnic or romantic afternoon. Marshalls and TJ Maxx have excellent gourmet
Save to My List This is a great site that allows users to check the weather in their area, as well as all over the world. There is an interactive map, extended and hourly forcast, with satellite and Radar
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I'm currently compiling a 'Day Trip List' and notebook for this coming summer.  I often find myself last minute trying to find a fun activity to do with my family on the perfect Saturday -
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Picnics can be pretty standard fare and when you're a weekend father you need to be extra creative. That's why I also include a special reason to be going on the picnic. Turn it into an adventure. One time I went
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Are you looking for nice clean beaches to go to. We went to Wallis State Park  Beach in Rye NH very nice beach you pay $10 for parking, You get a bath house with showers and a snack shack.   
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Want to visit Newport, RI but a two hour plus car trip with the kids sounds too far? Break up the commute by taking the RIPTA Ferry from Providence to Newport. The price is reasonable and the trip by boat
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