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Are you ready to live your dream life?  A life of Balance, Purpose and Victory.  Let's begin your free 20 Day Plan to Live Well eCourse developed by Renee's Joy Journey.  Each morning just
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You don't have to be primarily homeschooling to benefit from this website.  It doesn't matter whether you're a teacher or after-schooling, it's an excellent source to supplement your child's
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As the world is getting to be a smaller place, so are classrooms.  Celebrating Kwaanza, and Diwali, the festival of lights from India, are getting more commonplace.  Diwali is celebrated on the lunar
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Most local libraries offer story time once a week for infants- toddlers. Some offer story and crafts for toddlers- preschoolers. More programing for tweens-teens including movies and story discussions.  As
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The mission of Tipitaina's Foundation is wonderful and one that I enjoy supporting.  This is what they are all about (from the website): "The mission of the Tipitina’s Foundation is to support
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Does your daughter want to be a leader? See if she is interested in Girl Scouts! A recent article states that most Girl Scouts grow up to use the leadership qualities that they acquired in the Girl Scout program
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Did you ever meet someone with a dream job and wonder "how did she get that?" At they can help you learn more about uncommon and creative careers. is a nice change of pace from the
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This is a wonderful program. I enrolled my son in the program when he was a baby, and we continued with the classes till he was about 3 years old. They offer all kinds of classes such as art, music, etc., to kids
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Know a high school junior or senior who needs to prepare for the SATs?  Get them ready for the SAT with official practice tests and questions.  Just sign up to receive official SAT practice
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I know what you are thinking. Winter has just started couple months ago, how can I think about summer already and summer camps? You should start planning for summer camp 2011 now. The earlier you sign up,
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