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Have fun challenging your friends and family to complete a task that hardly seems possible. Your audience is certain to be stumped by your challenge and will inevitably be wowed when you are able to perform the
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The Clip the Queen Trick will leave your audience scratching their heads and puzzled. Young magicians will be able to wow audiences of all ages with this simple card trick with only two supplies. The object
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Wow your friends, family and even yourself with this Incredible Jumping Rubber Band Trick! I still can't quite figure out how this trick works, but it is really awesome to watch and do over and over again!
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Have fun presenting this fun challenge to your friends and family. All you need for this activity are 5 craft sticks, so this can also be a good restaurant challenge to connect with one another while you wait
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Kids will wow their audiences with this quick and easy table trick that requires only 1 piece of paper and two people. This trick will leave your volunteer flustered and confused as the seemingly logical result
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Challenge your audience to fit a coin through a hole that is much smaller than the coin. In this case, the challenge is to fit a quarter through a penny sized hole. It is so much fun to watch others try the seemingly
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Young magicians will be the envy of any audience when they perform this fun Ice Cube Lifting challenge. It is always fun to challenge others to do the perceived impossible and then to magically perform the masterful
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If you are looking for an activity to quell boredom, try out this trick which walks a fine line between Magic and Science. The Amazing Nickel and Toothpick Trick uses balance, friction and static electricity to
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If you are looking for a quick and easy challenge that the kids will love, try the Balancing Soda Can Trick. Kids will enjoy wowing their friends and family and challenging others to perform this interesting feat
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Examine the amazing illusion of movement as you perform the parrot in the cage illusion. During this illusion, you will have two pictures that appear to combine into one. This occurs because the two drawings are
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