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Marriage & Relationships

Get a FREE Valentine’s Day printable coupon Book of Love!  There are 2 versions available for you to print  Valentine’s Day Coupons: One version is with printed coupons that includes
Anyone who is living with an alcoholic, or who has lived with an alcoholic, knows that chaos reigns supreme in the home as a result of the alcoholics addiction. What you may not know is that there is a huge link
For a long time, codependency was just a word to me. And then I realized that I may be in codependent relationships all the time. I think that a lot of people, especially women, seem to get involved in codependent
Do you know why you want to be married or why you want to have children? Have you ever given any thought to why you want a pet? You might think that the reason you want to get married is because you want somebody
This is a quick easy checklist of great ideas to make a romantic dinner for you and your spouse. Here's an example of some of the ideas included: If the dinner won't be a surprise, consider giving your
If you have been dealilng with infidelity in your relationship, then you how difficult the holidays can become.  The holidays are typically linked ot happiness and good times, good memories and fun. 
This article was meant for Valentine's Day, but is definately not limited to one day a year! Here are some terrific inexpensive ways to be super romantic. For example, "Take a romantic hostage Forget seduction
I made a very big mistake last summer regarding child custody last summer and I hope that sharing it here will save others the pain that my family went through. My husband and I separated and we knew we were
A friend of mine is going through a really messy divorce right now.  Her husband was unfaithful and there is a lot of pain and anger that she is dealing with. Unforunately, it's difficult for them to communicate
Divorce is a fact of life. When I was growing up, it was strange to have a friend whose parents weren't still married. Today, it's strange to find kids who have parents that are still married! While we
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