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Fit Day is a great website for helping you keep track on your path to weight loss and general fitness.  The site offers free and upgraded pay version.  But even the free version offers a daily food journal
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Do you have a picky eater at home that wil simply not eat vegetables? has a great plan on how to get your picky child to try and love vegetables in just one month! The plan is divided week by week
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School lunches are a big part of your child's overall nutrition. With childhood obesity rates on a record high, packing a healthy lunch for your child is especially of relevance today.  According to the
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Xylitol is a diabetic friendly sweetener that looks and tastes much like sugar.  It has less calories than sugar and is absorbed by your body as a sugar alcohol.  There are well documented studies that
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I was disheartened at trying to lose weight and nothing working.Then I found the Flat Belly Diet.The 1st 3 days are regimented but after than you have the flexability to change items in the menu and down load menus
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Chocolate for doing better at math?  A new research study from the British Psychological Society finds that a chocolate drink containing cocoa flavonols in different amounts helped participants of the
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A few years ago, I gained a lot of weight after a pregnancy. I had just moved and was depressed and bored and instead of losing the baby weight, I gained a bunch of weight!  Finally, after trying a lot of
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If you are on the Atkins Diet or are considering starting it, you have got to check out the Atkins Diet Bulletin Board. It's a free forum full of people who are on Atkins or have successfully lost a lot of
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The older I get, the more I care about what my kids eat.  And I'm really trying to avoid eating junk food as much as possible.  The problem is that my kids really, really love food that's not
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We all know that berries are great for us. For instance blueberries are filled with antioxidants and not to mention a delicious treat. But did you know that lemons are great for skin too? Sure thing! Squeeze them
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