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I often play the what if games about my son with autism, he is only 9 but not too many years down the road he won’t be in school and I wonder what his life will be like.  If the years immediately following
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As a mom of 3 boys, I know my kids grow so fast and that they outgrown their clothes fairly quick.   Who really wants to deal with the hassle or craigslist or ebay  or pay a ton of money for brand
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Are you a school  teacher, a cub scout or girl scout leader and looking for ideas to take kids for a field trip? Field Trip Factory is a great place to find out where local business allow children groups to
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In order to save money at our house, we cut the kids  hair.   It is nice fairly easy style that my husband  can do with an a Conair hair clippers   kit that we bought from Target for
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To ensure that your child  is growing his language development skills as much as possible, parents and caregivers must incorporate speaking directly to their children as part of their daily activities. Check
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Has your child begun using the computer and showing an interest in using the internet?  Kids are becoming aware of the internet at an early age thanks to children's television stations and shows promoting
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Are you ready for a baby?  Have you been trying to get pregnant with no success?  This is a great resource site to help you along and possibly give you some tips and tricks on getting pregnant sooner
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Everyone knows that extra-curricular activities are good for children and that they encourage healthy development and positive self-esteem.  In fact, some kids thrive on being a part of many different activities
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Clean your room I feel I say every morning to my children.   As a mom of 3 boys, sometimes their bedrooms can be messy.  Organizing their room can be a bit chaotic.   My kids 
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If you are like me you will most likely be making some New Years Resolutions to get your life in order whether it is  money management to getting healthy to quitting smoking  The Week online magazines
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