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This website, which is geared for both home schooling & supplemental learning, has several worksheet generators that can create a variety of printable worksheets for you. You can customize the worksheets with
Check out these cute bingo games for the kids (and bored adults) on those long summer car rides.  There are four cards for roadside items like signs and animals, and four cards for different types of vehicles. 
Learning about money is one of the most important math tasks your child can learn.  They will be spending the rest of their lives using money after all.  Here is a fun sorting game for teaching them to
This is a fun activity for teaching your child letter recognition with a fun snake theme.  Includes complete directions and template for using the activity.  This would make a fun file folder game for
Just found this really useful site that lets you create your own individualized math and reading worksheets. Specifically, Mrs. Perkins does have "sight word" worksheets and learning activities. This
My kids love watching Handy Manny (on the Disney channel), and it's a cute show with talking tools and lessons about social responsibility.  Manny is a very polite repairman who always has time to help
This article gives a great idea to practice addition, along with a link to a printable worksheet to use. Dominoes are a great learning tool.  You can use them to practice: Number recognition addition
Finding new and exciting books that promote reading development is a never ending task for most eager parents of young children. The Hubbards Cupboard website promotes both literacy and family involvement while
Google images has a ton of free Easter and holiday-themed printable coloring pages.  You'll find all sorts of character favorites, as well as traditional scenes like the Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs, Easter
I have to admit that I drive past Dunkin Donuts on the way to taking the kids to school and ever since Dunkin Donuts closed we have avoided going there.  My new rule is that when I walk the kids to school
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