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Traveling with Kids

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During my last ski trip over President’s Day weekend, it dawned on my that one of the issues we always face when we rent a home or condo is what to cook for dinner.  After a full day of skiing and/or
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Whoever said the holidays are the “happiest time of the year” wasn’t loading up a group of kids to travel cross-country! The following tips are to help you minimize stress and maximize the fun!
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Encouraging kids to create a journal while they are on vacation is a great way to engage them in a new destination and create lasting trip memories.  Even toddlers can have fun creating journals through drawing
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  I remember when my eldest was 2 and grandpa bought him a train table.  He spent hours and hours building tracks and going around the table in circles.  His favorite train was James (from Thomas
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Lonely Planet sent me their newly published 5th edition of their ‘Travel with Children: your complete resource’ book to review and and they were generous enough to give me one book to
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There is a wide choice of backpacks for children out there. I always buy some cute backpacks for my children as it is an item that usually lasts for a long time and that they use on a regular basis. I am not a
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This article exposes how some people feel about kids sitting in First Class seats on airplanes.  It's juicy!  I've been flying for a long time with my kids and I must say, they behave better than
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Taking the airplane is safe but as we saw this week on the news, with the Air France plane crashing at sea, accidents happen and when they do, they are unlikely to end up with a happy ending. Children fear of
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I love vacation, but sometimes I sure to dread getting there. The travel part of vacation used to be my favorite part, but that all changed after I had kids! We travel a lot between our home in Hawaii and the mainland
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If your summer plans include going to amusement parks or other places where there are lots of people and kids can easily get lost, you might want to spend some time thinking about amusement park safety when it
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