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Did you know that your local public library is a treasure trove of activity?  Long gone are the days when the library was a place you had to be silent as a mouse. Now, local libraries offer a variety of of
Sledding is one of the most popular ways for kids to soak up the fun of the cold winter months.  It's also great exercise while having fun at the same time.  But unfortunately, thousands of children are
I've had been celebrating the holidays with an Advent Calendar every year of my life. Now in my 40's,  it's one of the best traditions I now share with my daughters!  The Advent Calendar has a rich
Families spend a lot of time shuttling their children to and from sports, music lessons and other extra-curricular activities. While these activities are important to your child's development, meaningful activities
The love of nature comes alive when you register with Journey North and learn how to record your migration sightings with your family.  Your own neighborhood is a wildlife sanctuary of activity. Every family
Are the kids bored with their summer vacation already? Check out 10 awesome kids activities, like creating glow lanterns, "ocean in a bottle", "ice eggs" and more! Tip #10 has generated the most excitement - exploding
Are you in need of some fun summer activities to do with your kids?    Perhaps it's time to introduce a little 'good old fashioned fun'.  Do you remember catching lightening bugs
Trash or Treasure is a fun game for your whole family, indoors or outdoors and it can be adapted to all family reunion themes.  It's a fun game and helps you get rid of the "trash" you may have
If you have ever seen the television game show, “Let’s Make a Deal” you will probably remember that in the final moments of the show, Monty Hall would say, “I’ll give you $50.00
Family Reunion Helper is excited to announce the release of their latest family reunion idea- “When You Were My Age”.   This exciting package is the perfect tool to helping you plan an 80th
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