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For all of you homeschoolers and those of you who feel you could use a little help in understanding math and would also like to practice exercises from kindergarten to the 12th grade, this free site is worth checking
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MIT ESP (Educational Studies Program) offers classes one weekend in November, March and over the summer break at MIT for middle school and high school students. Classes cost $30 for as many classes as you are able
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Internet safety is so important to our children. Every year in the computer lab one of the first things we learn about is Internet Safety. I will include links to good age appropriate websites about Internet safety. 
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Students need keyboarding skills and this site will help all levels of typing skills. Level 1 begins a goat showing them where their fingers belong on the keyboard. Each level adds two new letters until they have
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There are many sites I have used in the eight years of teaching computer to Kindergarten - 5th grade, but this remains one of my favorites. This French site offers no directions. It is purely and exploration site
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Verizon Foundation has partnered with nationally recognized leaders in educational disciplines including literacy, math, humanities and science to create Verizon Thinkfinity (  The
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Want your student to beg to learn the times tables? Want to have that in game format? Want it FREE? Learn Multiplication from anywhere you can get internet serviceIF Adjusts to their pace and repeats facts
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This free children's learning site is for just about every subject. It has games for astronomy, biology, dinosaurs, history, geology, math, and even spelling and memory. Many of the games are on the main
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Here's a great game that just uses playing cards to teach basic math. All you have to do is pick a number between one and thirty. Let's say seventeen for example. Using a shuffled deck of cards
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Math Worksheet Wizard is another good site for free math worksheets for K-5. You can customize thousands of these worksheets based upon what you want to cover. The worksheets are attractive in a whimsical
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