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Planning a vacation does not have to cost you moon and stars. Instead of travelling to far off lands and spending a lot of money, you can simply take control of your car to create a memory of the lifetime. Many
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We have a couple of dogs that we simply adore! Sometimes thinking about traveling is a bit daunting, but inevitably there's a time when you need to have your pets taken care of while you take a vacation or leave
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We try to vacation in a different location with our kids every year. We have our old stand-bys, our favorite places that we travel to often, but we also try to choose a new location every year. It makes planning
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It is always exciting to book tickets to visit another country. My family is always looking forward to discovering new monuments, new food, new parks, new people, etc. But there are some not-so-much fun paperwork
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A whole website dedicated to packing lightly! What a concept. But with security so tight and lines so long, who wants to check their bags? This site tells what to pack, what to pack it in, how to pack it, and provides
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My husband raced and finished the Ironman 2011 at Lake Placid, NY and we stayed for a few extra days.  Our kids are ages 5 & 8 yrs old and although we were mainly pre-occupied with this race, we were able
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 If you are traveling to Disney world, you want to know all about the dining out options there.  The unofficial dinning guide to Disney will help you plan your vacation.   Dinning is a large
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Many families would like to take their children to Disney World in Orlando Florida  but it can be very expensive.  I went several times as a child and we did one big family trip a few years back but it
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Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBO) has become a go-to resource for people booking independent vacation rentals. A few years ago, most travelers wouldn’t think of confirming a rental outside of a trusted
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Here's a great article from the Boston Globe about traveling with your family.  All Inclusive:  "A family trip involving several generations can lead to precious memories - if you can organize
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