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AlphaMom has come up with a terrific compilation of the best printable valentines for kids on the web.   So adorable, and you can either print them in color or black & white.  Click the links below
8 Valentine's cards for boys (and girls!) that aren't too sickly sweet For those boys-and girls-who prefer bugs and dinosaurs to pink doily hearts, the folks over at Cool Mom Picks rounded up some of their
Frecklebox, that cool site for gifts with your kid's name on it, offers this free printable Valentine's Day card that is perfect for pre-writers-or kids who just really hate writing their name 25
Brave is the newest movie out from Disney Pixar in June 2012. If you have little girl, this is their new princess.  Here are some coloring pages that you can print out that depict scenes from the movie. 
Next time you have kiddos over - personalize some of these freebie coloring pages from Frecklebox.  This is cute idea for a little ones for a playdate, birthday party, or just to have on hand.  I like
Today’s families move at warp speed, running straight from school to soccer, then on to hockey and wrapping up the daily running at gymnastics - all before settling in for the evening. Somewhere during
Plant a Garden With Your Kids Kids love to play in dirt-well my son does anyway. A garden is a great place for a child to discover and explore the natural world around them. Summer vacation is fast approaching
The Christmas holiday is such fun time for Children. Imagine the excitement on your son or daughter's face upon receiving a Personalized Santa Letter! Santa can personalize details specific to your child including:
Free Printable Charts, Checklists, Schedules, & Calendars. Childrens charts, checklists, schedules, & calendars are all age appropriate. School & Home School educational charts, checklists, schedules
Some kids may groan when they hear it is time for a math lesson, but not when that math lesson includes yummy marshmallows!  This is a fun activity that uses colored miniature marshmallows to learn about fractions. 
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