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We make magical moments for parents that have children with special needs!  Join us for inspirational quotes, wonderful support and comfort on our facebook page.  Facebook Page:  HOPELights -
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Make Signing With Your Baby Fun and Incorporate Signs Into Your Daily Routine: Signing in the Supermarket:  Signing in the supermarket is a great way to practice signs with your baby especially mealtime
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On vacation to Mexico we did a little something to give back to the local community which was easy to do, but very much needed and gratefully received.  We took an extra suitcase filled with clothes and toys
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The new school year is in full swing, PTA meetings are in session, and ideas are flowing!  But are you finding that old habits and the same fundraisers are hard to break!  There are so many new and
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KIDS KONSERVE Continues to Make a Difference. THE FACTS - The average school aged child generates an estimated 67 pounds of lunchtime trash per school year.  25 million children carry lunch to school daily
Save to My List   PTOs/Fundraising
I wanted to inform everyone about a new online fundraising website called   In a nutshell, the site provides free personal fundraising pages and free ad pages to individuals
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If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity for your family but are having a hard time figuring out where you can volunteer, there is a great website that you can use. Volunteer Match allows you to enter your
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Grandparents or parents will be amazed at how easy it is to hold the attention of even the most active child as the children interact with the reading of the Christmas Story. Even if this activity is done just
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As a busy mom I always want to make a difference in the world we live in but I am afraid I don't always have the time.  I found this great website where you just sign up for the issues that
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If you are interested in co-housing or intentional communities, Communities magazine is the one for you.  The Communities magazine covers a wide range of topics: politics, sustainability, green living, community
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