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Looking for a way to practice spelling skills and keep the kiddos occupied?  You might want to try playing this fun game called Scraggle with them!  It is a low cost, fun, and easy way to build their
When you make learning a fun game, kids are more likely to jump in!  This is a fun math game using flash cards (you can use store bought or make your own), and a pair of dice.  Work on number recognition
Homeschooling doesn't have to break the bank to be effective.  Even dollar stores can provide learning materials.  These cute little plastic frogs were purchased at the dollar store and can be used
While looking for a resource that would allow me to create my own crossword puzzles, I stumbled across this site hosted by Discovery Education. The logo looks similar to the Discovery Channel but I'm
Here is an inexpensive way to practice reading word families.  All you need to do is pick up a few paint sample cards the next time you are at the store and Viola! Instant learning fun.  Perfect for the
Here is a fun game for reviewing multiplication facts with a fun winter/Christmas theme.  Includes free printable to play the game!  The only thing you need to supply is a pair of dice, some crayons
Bibliomania offers free online literature and study guides.  Some of the classic works included are:  Anna Karenina, Black Beauty, Great Expectations, Little Women,  Robinson Crusoe, Sense and Sensibility
When I decided to home school my kids, I found myself returning again and again to the A to Z Home's Cool website. It is packed with useful information, whether you are a beginner or an experienced home schooler
I used to homeschool my daughter. The first few months of home schooling, I was an island. I nearly lost my mind. It was then that I realized the importance of homeschooling support groups.  If you are new
When I was growing up, home schooling wasn't that popular. There were some families that home schooled their kids, but for the most part, homeschooling was limited to the ultra-conservative. Today, in my
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