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Examples in Libraries & Bookstores for other Regions/Ages-Stages:

Library of Congress
Ages & Stages: General  |  Region:
Activity Overview The Library of Congress is the nation's oldest federal cultural institution and serves as the research arm of Congress. It is also the largest library in the world...
The Book Thing of Baltimore
Ages & Stages: General  |  Region:
Activity Overview Well it doesn't get much better than this! I happened upon The Book Thing of Baltimore and the concept really drew me in as both a person who loves to donate books...
George Peabody Library
Ages & Stages: General  |  Region:
Activity Overview An architectural masterpiece, the Peabody Library will leave you awestruck. Located in the Mount Vernon Cultural district of Baltimore, this free library is a must...
Red Balloon Bookshop
Ages & Stages: General  |  Region:
Activity Overview If you have kids who are obsessed with Twilight, Harry Potter, Lemony Snicket or all of the above then a visit to St. Paul's Red Balloon Bookshop is a must. This independent...
The Wild Rumpus Bookstore
Ages & Stages: General  |  Region:
Activity Overview The Wild Rumpus is an independent children's bookstore in Linden Hills Minneapolis. They offer a wide selection of books for all ages from the youngest kids up to...

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