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As a working mom,  trying to get that work life balance is so important. Parent’s magazine has 10 tips to help you balance your life and stress less.    The Working Mom Balancing Act 1.  &nb
Books are a wonderful gift to give during the Easter season whether you read a story before the actual holiday, or add one to a child’s Easter basket. I love to fill books in an Easter basket rather than
A few months ago I spent $10 on a tool that has made life so much easier!  In our household, we call it "the grabber," but it's actually called "The Gopher," as seen on TV, or generically
Are you tired of having a car payment? I have been for years always thought I would need a car loan. I bought my last car free and clear-it wasn’t brand new but only 3-4 years old.  I paid cash and I
Baby BumbleBee Vocabulary builders  is an interactive DVD  set to a selection of Mozart's Music and is sure to entertain and educate. Words and pictures like train, animal names, body parts. 
Social skills come normally for most children however children with autism or other development disorders these skills take need a lot of practice even more. Sandbox Learning  has developed a series of online
There are so many options for baby skin care products that it can be overwhelming.  As a new mom, it's important to find products that are tried, tested, and have great reviews.  Your baby’s
Hallmark has come out with some great new recordable storybooks.  These new recordable books allow you to  read the story in your own voice to a child.  You maybe a grandparent that wants to read
I often play the what if games about my son with autism, he is only 9 but not too many years down the road he won’t be in school and I wonder what his life will be like.  If the years immediately following
As a mom of 3 boys, I know my kids grow so fast and that they outgrown their clothes fairly quick.   Who really wants to deal with the hassle or craigslist or ebay  or pay a ton of money for brand
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