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We all know how important math skills are for all school-age children. Strengthening easy concepts can be done at home. Often, parents feel overwhelmed trying to teach math skills to their children because they
This Interactive World Map is great for kids, and parents too. My family has been using this for years to help our kids with homework. The best thing about it is you can start at the home page and choose a
In most schools these days, parents are required to supply snack for their children.  This mid-morning boost can get boring for kids after a while.  We have some healthy ideas for this week.  If
One of the most important teachers in your child's life is you.  A parent has a big influence on their children, especially when it come to early reading skills. There are three areas to keep in mind
Homework is an inevitable activity your school age child will participate in for many years.  It can cause stress and headaches for kids as well as parents. It doesn't have to be doom and gloom at your
While looking for free printable worksheets to give the kids over the summer, I came across this really awesome website!! They have worksheets for Math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, counting
Make learning and studying multiplication fun by using useful computer games.  My 4th grader loves this website because in her words, "For most of the games you play, it doesn't seem like you're playing a
If you have a child that struggles with math or simply enjoys math and needs to keep up with their skills, make it fun.  My 4th grader loves math and she recommends the Sumdog website.  In her words:
I am blessed with two children who love to read. They are both already great at decoding and fluency, but we've been working on improving comprehension. I developed a strategy that seems to work well for my
For all of you homeschoolers and those of you who feel you could use a little help in understanding math and would also like to practice exercises from kindergarten to the 12th grade, this free site is worth checking
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