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Here's an excellent resource for students, parents and teachers. It's an online almanac, atlas, dictionary, encylopedia and more. You can get homework help and find facts about almost anything. For example
Here's a good interactive fun educational website for learning elementary math. It has flashcards, work sheets, games and something called a homework helper that allows you to enter in your solved
Anyone who is looking for some great worksheets but doesn't have time to scour the internet for them - check out the collection of various workbooks published by Kumon Publishing . We recently ran across them
Changing schools can be a challenge no matter when it happens.  During the summer your student may have an opportunity to meet potential classmates.  However, when it is necessary to move during the school
 If you have a middle school age child that has begun acting out or showing signs of stress, this site can be a great help.  Many middle school age children find that making the transition from elementary
My Charter School is currently doing a fundraiser with Insider Pages for 3 weeks.  I can't tell you how easy and wonderful this fundraiser is! All you have to do is submit information about your school
This website offers free educational activities and instruction in virtually all the major disciplines, including test prep for high school SAT. There's even a section that offers strategies on how
This past weekend my grandkids were curious about my book of sudoku and wanted to try and learn how to do them. Well, as much as I would like to think that they're little geniuses, they're not and I
Here is an excellent site to teach your elementary aged kids about electricity. It clearly explains all those scary things like volts, amps, watts and where it all came from. It's divided into sections where
My grandkids love the program Animal Planet, especially SuperFetch. So I decided to visit their website to see what other interesting tidbits they had to offer. This site is an excellent resource for learning all
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