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Kitchen Gadgets

There aren't many foods that everyone in my family enjoys.  Rice, however, is a favorite of everyone in my household.  Sadly for them, I can not cook rice to save my life.  The only type of rice
I've been trying to cut down on the amount of kitchen gadgets that I have in my home, but my Cuisinart Mini-Prep Processor is one of those things that I just can't give up. If you don't need a large
In my family, the Kitchen Aid stand mixer is a rite-of-passage. Kitchen Aid has been selling these babies since 1919 and many generations of my family have gotten one for a wedding gift. It all started with my
Choosing to give my daughter a stainless steel water bottle for drinking is part of my overall effort to go green. Sometime in 2007, people started to get worried because it came to light that many plastic drinking
I've discovered a way to store cheese in the fridge without it going moldy!  It's so easy - and I've no idea why it works, but it does.  After you open a package of cheese - wrap it in foil
"In the market for new kitchen knives? Salivating over some high-end knives but have a limited budget? Confused over the vast array of options available? This article will help set you straight." That
Here are some different ways to use a salad spinner: 1.  Use it to wash fruits, berries and large vegetables 2. Use it to store small bath toys and you can spin the water out of them and let the rest drain
Parchment paper is a life-saver in the kitchen. I use it for many purposes when baking cookies and cake batters. Baking-parchment is a coated paper, similar to heavy tissue paper, but can withstand heat and
Ever put down your cup at a party, and then since you weren't sure which was yours, you wasted a whole soda and got a new one? No more, with Etch-It Cups. Each red or white cup has a black stripe, in which you
We are well underway with out cookie making extravaganza at our house this week.  We found this great website, called Sweet Celebrations to buy unique cookie cutters from and my daughters fast approaching
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