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Meal Planning

If your roasted chicken tends to be too dry, try stuffing a whole apple inside the bird before roasting. Just toss the apple before serving! I've also have stuffed celery stalks along with the apples. This
Let's hope you are not already struggling to pack a lunch for your school-bound children, but if you are take a deep breath, turn on the computer, and surf for some inspiration. These cool lunch boxes by Planet
Some kids may get tired of sandwiches day after day.  Hot Lunches the school makes do not always cut it nutritionally or come close to a warm, home-cooked meal.  The thermos insulates the food keeping
If you are going to freeze bread, make sure you include a paper towel in the package to absorb moisture. This will keep the bread from becoming mushy when thawed. This is great to do when you are able to catch
Serving fresh-from-the-oven rolls or bread for dinner? Here's a trick to keep them warm: Line a small piece of aluminum foil under the cloth in the breadbasket.  It helps the bread/rolls retain their
The key to starting off your day right, if you have children, is getting out the door.  Never mind getting out the door with a balanced breakfast inside you.  You're happy if  you're only
Because I live far from the grocery store, we try to do most of our shopping at Costco so we only have to shop once a month or so. Recently, I bought flour tortillas in bulk to make burritos.  I ended up with
There's something very personal about snack and very social about recess.  The way you eat your snack, how it is packaged, and what your mom, your dad, your sibling, or "other" packed for you
I don't enjoy cooking that much, but I really try to feed my family healthy and home-cooked food most of the time.  Anytime that I can cook once and create more than one meal, I'm a really happy camper. 
The reason I think we feel better with home cooked unprocessed foods has less to do with the calories, nutrients and fat in what we're eating and more to do with fewer "intermediate experiences" for
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