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I saw this report on CNN the other day (w/Sanjay Gupta).  He noted, that if you're eating non-organic celery today, you may be ingesting 67 pesticides with it, according to a new report from the Environmental
Ever wonder that those sticky, pesky labels on fruit mean?  Well they tell a lot more than the UPC code for the cashier.  With a new numbering system, they tell you, the consumer, if the fruit is grown
I found a new way to get my family (including me!) to drink more water!  It is an organic drink mix concentrate called Flavrz.  What's really great about it is that everyone loves the taste and it
My youngest has a peanut allergy and I have discovered cookies from "Enjoy Life" which caters to people with food allergies.  All of their items are made in a nut free factory.  My oldest does
Interested in finding more about organic living?  The following are some of my favorite websites:
Shop local to find organic grown food. Use the website to find farmers' markets, family farms, and other sources of food grown in your area. You can also shop online for products such as soaps, fruits, meats
The more you can avoid white flour and bread, the better it is for your diet and overall health. You can get more fiber in your diet by eating whole grains (and not just through whole wheat bread). This great site
There's been quite a few times in the grocery store where I'm not sure if the "Organic" sign above the apples (or other produce) is referring to this bin or that bin and without a brand sticker
While it's hard to think about gardening and fresh fruits and vegetables in the dreary dead of winter, now is the time to sign up for farm shares. For those unfamiliar with this process, community-supported
In addition to my belief that not enough research has been done to determine the potentially harmful long term effects cloning can have on animals who have been cloned and their offspring—let alone the humans
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