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Riddles for Kids

Enjoy this collection of timeless favorite riddles that haven't lost their appeal over the years. Adults are certain to remember some of these amusing and challenging puns from when they were kids. Children of
Share these silly but challenging riddles with your family and friends and see who can figure out the answers before the puns are revealed. This collection of riddles can be solved but make great jokes as well
Spice up your love of sports with a few fun riddles. Share these humorous riddles with your teammates, coaches, parents and friends today for the love of sports! These riddles focus on puns and plays on words
Whether you are at the beach, at the aquarium, or simply have a keen interest in the sea, these Riddles By the Sea will leave you have to come up for air. Enjoy these clever and humorous puns which really give
What am I riddles are riddles in which you must identify what is being described by the riddle. These fun riddles will keep you on your toes and try to trick you often by using puns and a play on words. Share
Drum up some laughs with these fun music riddles that children and families are sure to enjoy. Share riddles with friends and family on car rides, at restaurants, at the dinner table or any time that you are together
Peruse these fun random riddles and share them with your friends and family for some quick thinking and lots of laughs. Laughter brings people together, so practice these silly riddles and mix them into your next
Sports Related Riddles for Kids Here are some fun kids riddles for the love of sports. Share some sports related riddles with your teammates, friends, coaches and family and have some good old fashioned laughs
Lots of Geography Riddles Add a little spice and humor to your geography studies by sharing these fun geography riddles with your friends, family members and even your teachers. These riddles play around with language
Logic Based Riddles for Kids Share some of these fun logic based riddles with your friends and family. This selection of riddles is all language based logic. The questions will challenge your thinking and the answers
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