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We have a couple of dogs that we simply adore! Sometimes thinking about traveling is a bit daunting, but inevitably there's a time when you need to have your pets taken care of while you take a vacation or leave
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Disney World is a magical place for families, and we have found three book recommendations for your next trip. These books are great to keep parents and kids engaged in the Disney World experience, it's surroundings
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Traveling with children is a lot easier when you have a Trunki along for the trip! The Trunki suitcase is a colorful and whimsical rolling suitcase for children that doubles as a ride-on toy when they get tired!
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While some parts of the world are still knee-deep in snow, you needn't curl up in bed waiting for the sun to show up. You can plan for a spring break and get away too. There are many destinations where you can
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My husband raced and finished the Ironman 2011 at Lake Placid, NY and we stayed for a few extra days.  Our kids are ages 5 & 8 yrs old and although we were mainly pre-occupied with this race, we were able
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 If you are traveling to Disney world, you want to know all about the dining out options there.  The unofficial dinning guide to Disney will help you plan your vacation.   Dinning is a large
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from my money saving ezine, Dollar Stretcher: Shopping for Hotels When you are looking for hotel rates, it pays to check a couple of places before making your reservations. First, do an nline search for
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Many families would like to take their children to Disney World in Orlando Florida  but it can be very expensive.  I went several times as a child and we did one big family trip a few years back but it
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Top Tips for Traveling with Children That Have Allergies Call the hotel before booking to determine if they are allergy-friendly High quality hotels that cater to families address allergy concerns. I have found
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If you have an upcoming road trip planned with children in tow, taking the time to plan ahead will prepare you for any setbacks you may experience along the way. The following tips will help make the excursion
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