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We love these Superfood veggie cakes. They are both healthy AND delicious and gluten-free. I discovered them at Costco in the refrigerated section and they are fantastic for a quick breakfast (microwave for 1
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I actually picked these up by accident - but I am so glad that I did.   I saw a display of caramels in near the apples this fall and grabbed a bag.  You know these caramels, the bag od individually wrapped
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I recently had a chance to sample some healthy chips at a local kids fitness fair.   They were from a company called  Food should taste good.  The chips were absolutely delish and of  course
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I recently discovered these wonderful Al Fresco flavored chicken sausages. We have tried the Mexican flavored sausage, with gooey cheddar cheese baked right in, and the Italian seasoning and parmesan cheese sausage
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My daughter and I made a quick dash to Walmart today looking for a good badmitton set. We didn’t find one of those but we did find… Tah-dah- Campfire brand “Zebra” marshmallows. 
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Have you seen commercials for the new Magnum Ice Cream? Well, I saw the commercial and got a coupon and bought it at BJs. If you have read my tips before you know that I am rarely at a loss for words. Well, surprise
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A couple of months ago, a friend of mine told me about a meal replacement shake that he was using. He couldn't say enough good things about this shake. I was all set to try it - and then I heard it was $119.85
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It is easy and simple to make a festive and unusual cheesecake.  it all starts with a nobake cheesecake mix.  That is simplicity in itself and uses very few added ingredients.  It is done in 15 minutes
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Does your kids like apples in their lunch but wants them sliced up- well as you know apples turn brown in a matter of minutes so its not so easy to get your kids to eat the apples with brown on them- so here
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Here I go again with another Trader Joe's favorite - but as I sit here eating one, I just had to share.  Trader Joe's frozen dessert section boasts many excellent choices (Chocolate Lava Cakes are
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