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Looking to get more fiber in your family's diet?  Fiber One now makes yummy Yogurt options by Yoplait.  Kids will never even know that it is any different.  Somehow they cram 5 grams of fiber
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If you are looking to increase your fiber intake you should definitely try Fiber One's Country White Bread.  You would never even know that there was fiber in it!  Funnily, their slogan is "Cardboard? 
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This is so easy and so good.  You'll get rave reviews from this one and I made it up.  Ingredients: One package of your favorite brownie mix 8 oz cream cheese 1/4 cup confectioner's suger
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I don't usually write about recalls, but his is such a widespread recall that it had to be done.  Please check your pantry and think twice about the peanut butter products in your cupboards.  Some
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I find more great things at Trader Joe's!  My latest find is their Pumpkin Bread Mix.  Just add eggs, oil and water and in less than a hour (20 minutes for muffins, 55 minutes for bread) you'll
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Are you having company over during the next few weeks?  I do!  I've purchased 5 packages of Wind and Willow dip mix to get me through.  I bought the following favorites: Bacon and Horseradish
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If you live near a Trader Joes, then you already know all the fun stuff that they carry.  One of my very favorite and decadent desserts are their Chocolate Lava Cakes.  They come individually wrapped and
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These soups are great to have on hand and I love them for a number of reasons.  First - they are really tasty.  These noodles are more flavorful and have a more satisfying texture than everyday dry noodles
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I love these things!  Trader Joes carries super yummy chocolate covered pretzels in both milk & dark chocolate varieties.  (I like dark).  They are the little pretzels (like the Rod Gold minis)
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I just discovered that Ian's Natural Foods has a new line of Frozen Cheeseburgers (great for kids, but great tasting for anyone).  They are along the lines of the White Castle cheeseburger (which are also
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